Eli Kauffman grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, but is currently based out of Providence, Rhode
Island. They recently graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA. Though
primarily interested in painting, Kauffman is also known to explore printmaking, textiles, and
ceramics. The work depicts interpersonal relationships, sourced through a combination of
photos and film stills. The reference imagery highlights the disparity between personal
experiences of friends and family, and coming of age television that Kauffman grew up on.
Saturated color creates melodrama and tension, revealing emotional urgency in every action.
The figures have grown to be life size, creating a physical relationship to the viewer. In some of
the works, figures return the gaze of the audience, as if they are waiting to have their photo
taken. Kauffman aims to convince the audience that they could step into the work and be a part
of the events depicted on the canvas.
  • painting of a girl laying on her back in the grass (in monochrome pink) by Eli Kauffman
    In the Sun, 2023
  • Eli Kauffman, Twister, 2023
    Twister, 2023