Ozzie Juarez

Ozzie Juarez (b. 1991, Compton, CA) earned his BFA from the University of California Berkeley. Juarez’s work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Miami, and Mexico City.  His work has been featured in publications including HYPERALLERGIC, LAist, and Artful Hare. Juarez is the organizer and curator of TLALOC studios, an artist-run community gallery and studio building in the South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles. TLALOC evolves with its members, providing a space that encourages and promotes the possibility of a sustainable life as an artist, or as Juarez says, “a lifestyle worth living.”
  • Ozzie Juarez, Taz in Blue, Coatlicue, 2022
    Taz in Blue, Coatlicue, 2022