Ade Ogunmowo


Ade Ogunmowo (B. 1989) is a multidisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, CA. Known for his thought-provoking and multifaceted body of work. His art, which spans video, sculpture, installation, painting, and performance, draws intuitively from advertising, the internet, and street culture. Ade crafts ambitious narratives and enigmatic stories, often centered around his series of paintings that ignite social conversations. His work probes the complex layers of American culture and contemporary society, addressing controversial topics with a unique blend of comedy and earnestness.


Ade Ogunmowo was born in Los Angeles. He holds a degree in Advertising from the Academy of Art university in San Francisco. Ade's early forays into the art world were marked by a blend of photojournalism, design, and graffiti, establishing him as a pioneering figure in meme culture. Beyond the gallery, Ade has made a significant impact in the realms of fashion and design. His influence extends into his role as an internet personality, where his travel across the US for photojournalism and street art projects has garnered considerable attention. 


His art is a playground of colors and forms, where societal observations meet a comedic lens, offering relief and reflection in equal measure. Themes of race, inequality, and cultural behaviors are recurrent in his works, inviting viewers to engage in deeper dialogues. His work continues to delve into the intersection of art, culture, and social issues, promising an ongoing contribution to critical conversations in contemporary society. Ade Ogunmowo stands as a multifaceted artist whose work not only reflects the zeitgeist but also challenges and reshapes it. Through his unique blend of humor and social commentary, Ade continues to leave an indelible mark on the art world and beyond.

  • painting of a red sign promoting voodoo & juju
    African Power, 2023
  • Ade Ogunmowo, Bigen, 2023
    Bigen, 2023
  • portrait of candace owens
    Candace Owens, 2023
  • portrait of Charleston White with a coexist sticker
    Charleston White, 2023
  • painting of a corruption sign
    Corruption, 2023
  • Portrait of Dr. Umar
    Dr. Umar, 2023
  • painting of jimmy butler with his hair straightened as the cover of a beauty product box
    Jimmy Eat World, 2023
  • Ade Ogunmowo, Kevin Samuels, 2023
    Kevin Samuels, 2023
  • Ade Ogunmowo, Love and Happiness, 2023
    Love and Happiness, 2023
  • Portrait painting os Stacey Dash
    Stacey Dash, 2023
  • Painting of a sunday service billboard featuring kanye west
    Sunday Service, 2023