Morgan Corbitt

Morgan Corbitt, (b. 1997, Los Angeles) is a Bay Area based oil painter. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in studio art in 2020. Corbitt creates collage style oil paintings that reference found images and photos the artist has taken. Collaging allows Corbitt to decontextualize an image and create a new, more personal context with the other elements in the composition. A harmony exists between the images in the composition without there being any clear evidence of a narrative to the viewer. The process of planning a collage is very intuitive for the artist, starting with an image or idea, she is then inspired to create a composition with other images from her camera roll. More often than not, the images Corbitt uses are recent and have been taken in the past year. The artists painting process is slow and meticulous, giving her time to reflect on, make sense of, and document past times, feelings, and ideas. Corbitt is interested in how images provoke specific feelings that are unique to the viewer based on our individual experiences
  • painting of a bunch of locks arranged as a smiley face by morgan corbitt
    A Safe Smile, 2022
  • collage painting of pigeons, street light and electrical box by morgan corbitt
    Department of Electricity, 2022
  • collage painting of pigeons and a baked alaska cake by morgan corbitt
    Even Baked Alaska!, 2022
  • painting of a green fence by Morgan Corbitt
    Green Gate, 2022