People, Places, Things - a Group Show: LOS ANGELES

7 - 28 January 2023

Good Mother Gallery is pleased to announce People, Places, Things, a figurative and still-life group show curated by Vanessa Indies. Each of the 5 artists featured explores the concept within their own vision and mediums. A mix of human forms, overlooked street scenes and common objects imbues the essence of classical ideas with a contemporary twist. 


The artists featured in People, Places, Things illustrate abstract ideas of everyday life, moving beyond the physical to shed light upon the human experience. Brea Weinreb creates a world of leisure paintings, decoding moments of camaraderie, solidarity and performativity amongst men. Landon Pointer reflects on childhood experiences, creating blended paintings that study intimate scenes of children playing in parks, hanging out as well as watching pop culture shows and cartoons. Michael Diamond abstracts common objects such as fences, walls and city creatures while Morgan Corbitt sheds light upon overlooked everyday street objects, collaging together scenes of urban life. Josh Cloud’s ceramic sculptures tie the show together with conceptual human characters and objects illuminating his own identity. 


Please join us for the opening reception of ‘People, Places, Things’ on Saturday, January 7th from 5pm-8pm. The artists will be in attendance.


Where: Good Mother Gallery Los Angeles - 1212 S. Santa Fe Ave. LA, 90021

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 7th from 5pm-8pm

On view: January 7th - January 28th, 2023


For any inquiries please contact


About the Artists:

Brea Weinreb, she/her (b. 1994, Long Island, New York) is a figurative painter based in Los Angeles. Her paintings depict and decode moments of camaraderie, solidarity, performativity and exclusivity amongst men. Following in the tradition of grassy leisure paintings by 20th century French artists such as Cézanne and Manet, Weinreb paints scenes of male homosocial leisure, observing groups of gay men from the artists own queer female gaze. Weinreb approaches these scenes with a tender yet voyeuristic lens, examining themes of community, belonging, gender performativity and the various ways consumption fuels connection.


Landon Pointer,  (b.1999) Fort Wayne, IN is an artist living and working in Oakland, CA. Pointer’s artwork reflects on innocence of ones childhood experience. Creating paintings based off of neighborhood scenery, groups of kids and snippets of cartoons and TV. Pointer uses a collage effect to create paintings that envelope the viewer in intimately rendered scenes.


Pointer’s childhood shaped the way he creates his artwork today. While spending his youth moving to multiple different states, Pointer and his mother would often collage vision boards in order to help manifest a better future. He later recalled ‘Collaging gave me the freedom of creating a world before I knew how to paint. I would catch myself relating to certain photos that captured the emotions of people who lived love before me.”


The artists full time art career blossomed in adulthood when he moved to Brooklyn, NY. Using advertisement posters from his local G Train, Pointer would create paintings on these make-shift canvases when he couldn’t afford supplies. “The train to me, as a 20 year old kid, was just unused gallery space with the highest ‘attendance’ rates you could think of” Pointer stated laughingly. The attention he received from creating paintings on the train caught the eye of rapper Joey Badass’ creative team, which led to his artwork being purchased by fashion brands and music labels such as KSUBI, Sony Music Entertainment, The Fader & others.


Michael Diamond, (b. Los Angeles) Lives and works in Oakland, California. Diamond’s work sheds light on a world of overlooked everyday objects. His paintings and sculptures speak on his experience walking through the city, pulling formal elements of color, textures, and patterns from the nuances of urban landscapes. These works contrast and compliment each other with their color pallets and themes, bringing together a sense of nostalgia and awareness of life for the mostly overlooked and mundane.


Morgan Corbitt, (b. 1997, Los Angeles) is a Bay Area based oil painter. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in studio art in 2020. Corbitt creates collage style oil paintings that reference found images and photos the artist has taken. Collaging allows Corbitt to decontextualize an image and create a new, more personal context with the other elements in the composition. A harmony exists between the images in the composition without there being any clear evidence of a narrative to the viewer. The process of planning a collage is very intuitive for the artist, starting with an image or idea, she is then inspired to create a composition with other images from her camera roll. More often than not, the images Corbitt uses are recent and have been taken in the past year. The artists painting process is slow and meticulous, giving her time to reflect on, make sense of, and document past times, feelings, and ideas. Corbitt is interested in how images provoke specific feelings that are unique to the viewer based on our individual experiences


Josh Cloud, (b. San Diego, CA 1999) is an artist and educator living and working in LA. Josh received a BFA from CalArts in 2021 where his practice evolved into an interdisciplinary approach to craft and process, entangling ceramics, fiber, wood, and printmaking within an absurdist conceptual framework. Josh currently creates work that pushes with all his might against the collapse of black and queer identities into a safe for all white ages consumable container.