Landon Pointer


Landon Pointer,  (b.1999) Fort Wayne, IN is an artist living and working in Oakland, CA. Pointer’s artwork reflects on innocence of ones childhood experience. Creating paintings based off of neighborhood scenery, groups of kids and snippets of cartoons and TV. Pointer uses a collage effect to create paintings that envelope the viewer in intimately rendered scenes.


Pointer’s childhood shaped the way he creates his artwork today. While spending his youth moving to multiple different states, Pointer and his mother would often collage vision boards in order to help manifest a better future. He later recalled ‘Collaging gave me the freedom of creating a world before I knew how to paint. I would catch myself relating to certain photos that captured the emotions of people who lived love before me.”


The artists full time art career blossomed in adulthood when he moved to Brooklyn, NY. Using advertisement posters from his local G Train, Pointer would create paintings on these make-shift canvases when he couldn’t afford supplies. “The train to me, as a 20 year old kid, was just unused gallery space with the highest ‘attendance’ rates you could think of” Pointer stated laughingly. The attention he received from creating paintings on the train caught the eye of rapper Joey Badass’ creative team, which led to his artwork being purchased by fashion brands and music labels such as KSUBI, Sony Music Entertainment, The Fader & others.

  • painting of kids hanging out and smoking by Landon pointer
    Opia, 2022
  • painting of a boxing match by Landon Pointer
    The Four Knights Games, 2022
  • Landon Pointer, Draft Day, 2021
    Draft Day, 2021