Sean Hamilton (b. 1988, Idaho) is a painter living and working in Seattle, Washington. Hamilton’s work presents the viewer with paired imagery which explores themes of western expansion, rural ambitions, political hubris, American absurdity and the suburban dream. While much of his imagery is derived from bygone eras, the themes throughout are contemporary and topical. The result is a sensibility that is both nostalgic and totally relevant.

  • painting of an outline of a dog superimposed on winning dog show ribbons in blue
    Frank, 2022
  • painting of three kids shooting guns at a range . torn rope painted in the middle
    Freight Train, 2022
  • black and white painting of a winning race, people on top of eachother 'High Performance' in writing at the bottom
    High Performance, 2022
  • purple painting of a small man installing a large posted no trespassing sign in an empty field
    Posted, 2022
  • black and white painting of two cars crashing with smoke around them
    Quilt, 2022
  • painting of a deer in car headlights
    Spirit Lake Cutoff, 2022
  • black and white painting of two men folding a flag. Half the painting is washed in red
    Tell Tale, 2022
  • green painting of a semi truck with teeth painted on the front
    Terror Form, 2022
  • Sean Hamilton, TV / Dinner, 2022
    TV / Dinner, 2022
  • Painting of two motocross riders in orange
    Wishbone, 2022
  • painting of an American Flag with extra red stripes making it longer
    Yamaha, 2021