'Luminous Realms' - Group Exhibition

January 11, 2024
photo of the gallery with people in it
'Luminous Realms' focuses on the otherworldly journey where the tangible limits of perception blend seamlessly with the expansive infinite. Delving deep into the profound mysteries of the universe and the fleeting nuances of existence, the showcased artists employ light, space, and shadow to craft abstractions that resonate with enigmatic anomalies and perplexing paradoxes. The presented pieces evoke contemplation of surreal realms and non-physical dimensions, weaving intricate connections and relationships that beckon a dialogue with the soul. In this realm, space and time transform from mere constructs to portals, facilitating a rich exploration of mysticism, the ethereal, and the profound ties that intertwine the known with the unfathomable.


Featured Artists:

Kylee Snow • Erik Bender • Julien Parant-Marquis • Carrie R. • Madeline Brice • Nick McPhail


On view through February 27th at our Los Angeles location during regular gallery hours Wednesday-Saturday 11am-5pm.