'Ode to the Fool' a solo exhibition by Ade Ogunmowo

December 14, 2023
gallery view of ade ogunmowo's art exhibition

Ade Ogunmowo's latest collection of paintings transcends traditional boundaries, inviting us to explore a world where culture, humor, and social commentary converge. With each stroke of his brush, Ogunmowo challenges conventional notions of humanity, beckoning us to break free from the norm and embrace anti-establishment viewpoints. His artistic journey takes us on a captivating exploration, seamlessly weaving Nigerian values and aesthetics into the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles' visual language.


What sets Ogunmowo apart is his remarkable ability to use humor as a potent tool to address pressing societal issues. Through his work, he encourages viewers to contemplate the weightiest of social matters through the lens of comedy, providing a unique and thought-provoking perspective. As you wander through this exhibition, you'll encounter a body of work that not only mirrors our current zeitgeist but seeks to challenge and reshape it.


Ogunmowo's art is an invitation, a bridge that connects us to a deeper dialogue about society, peeling back the complex layers of American culture and contemporary societal issues. It goes beyond being a mere display of art; it represents a cultural dialogue. His work captures not just moments but sparks movements, compelling us to reflect on the transformative power of art.


Check out the works in person until December 29th at our Los Angeles location.


To receive a digital catalog of available works, please email - info@goodmothergallery.com