Juxtapoz Magazine - Daniel Antelo

April 8, 2023
Screenshot of an article from Juxtapoz Magazine featuring Daniel Antelo

Daniel Antelo's upcoming exhibition at Good Mother GalleryBest of Time, showcases portraits of his close friends' children, capturing the raw emotions and unfiltered curiosity of youth. He explains, "They're the new generation of that place in time for where you're free and focused on what you're passionate about. Truly living in the moment."


The artist's friends, who are the parents of the children featured in his paintings, have shared their appreciation and pride for Antelo's work. "My friend George is proud. I'm proud of my friends too. They work hard to be the parents that they are and have all these obstacles. They feel like they're doing something right when their kids are getting painted," Antelo said.


Antelo's own artistic journey was shaped by his early life experiences, including a mischievous childhood and an unexpected sojourn in Mexico. These experiences not only taught him about responsibility but also fueled his passion for painting and art. For Antelo, painting is a powerful means of communication, allowing him to express what he cannot put into words.


Experience Best of Time by Daniel Antelo at Good Mother Gallery, on view April 8th to April 29th in Los Angeles, with an opening reception on Saturday, April 8th from 5pm-8pm. For inquiries about the exhibition or to request a preview catalog of available works, visit goodmothergallery.com


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