Douglas de Souza - "RUSH RUSH" solo exhibition

May 13, 2023
photo of three paintings by douglas de souza

We're pleased to be showcasing the work of Sao Paulo based artist Douglas de Souza in the artists debut exhibition in Los Angeles titled 'RUSH RUSH'.


De Souza's solo exhibition is a narrative that invites us to question societal constructs and norms. Through his skillful fusion of masculine and feminine symbols, de Souza challenges our perceptions and encourages us to reflect on the fluidity and multiplicity of identity. Each artwork serves as a visual manifesto, unraveling a story of power dynamics, sexuality, and the fragile beauty found within vulnerability.


The bold and vivid palette chosen by de Souza amplifies the emotional impact of each artwork. The juxtaposition of vibrant hues against the monochromatic backgrounds further intensifies the emotional depth, inviting viewers to immerse themselves fully in the experience. The deliberate use of color in de Souza's art amplifies the inherent tension between masculinity and femininity, emphasizing the complexity and fluidity of these concepts


“Rush Rush” offers an enthralling exploration of masculinity, power, sexuality, and femininity. By contrasting the hardness of machines with the glossiness of porcelain and feathers, de Souza crafts a captivating body of work that sparks dialogue and introspection. The vibrant colors and intricate compositions further enhance the emotional impact of each artwork, creating a dreamlike world within every piece.


'RUSH RUSH' will be on view through May 25th Wednesdays-Saturdays from 11AM-6PM

For questions or to request a catalog of available work, reach out to us via email at


Photo of the artist Douglas de Souza next to one of his paintings


photo of 3 paintings by douglas de souza hanging on the wall


photo of a crowd of people in the art gallery


painting of a motorcycle with feathers in the background by douglas de souza


photo of a crowd of people in the art gallery


photo of a painting of a blue car light by douglas de souza


photo of a man standing in front of a painting


painting of a totem of swans in pink by dougals de souza


photo of a girl in front of a painting by douglas de souza


All photos by Meriem Dehbi Talbot.