'Monstra' a Group Exhibition Curated by Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa: LOS ANGELES

7 - 24 October 2023

Good Mother Gallery Los Angeles is pleased to present ‘Monstra,’ a group exhibition curated by
Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa.

In this group exhibition, women of color artists reclaim the ‘monstra’ through mythology, allegory, and feminist theory to get at the kinds of liberation possible by embracing monstrosity. The monstrous is often defined by depictions of people of color engaged in ritual and experiencing freedoms. Presented in October, this exhibition is a reclamation of the monstrous femme and her freedoms. In cultures around the world, monstrosity is a central component of rituals and a spiritual ecosystem that includes humans, deities, and other entities. Engaging in Black and Caribbean beliefs systems such as Zombies in Haiti and La Ciguapa in the Dominican Republic, as well as a critique of Black women’s depiction in comics and cartoon, and a reclamation of the Biblical figure of Lilith, this exhibition channels the ‘monstra’ as a reflection of femme desire, agency, and power.


Featured Artists:

Natalia Arbelaez • Angelito Collective • Caroline Douville • Bianca Fields • Maya Fuji • Thalía Gochez
Lizette Hernández • Sydnie Jimenez • Haylie Jimenez • Bibs Moreno • Tura Oliveira


Opening Saturday, October 7th from 5-8pm at our Los Angeles location. For more information about the exhibition or to receive a preview catalog of available works, email - info@goodmothergallery.com