'Sunset Ripple' - A Group Exhibition Curated by Subtitle Labs: Los Angeles

5 - 16 August 2023

Good Mother Gallery Los Angeles in collaboration with London based Subtitle Labs are excited to present Sunset Ripple, a group show exploring the impact of local and foreign culture and how it impacts us consciously or unconsciously. 


The exhibition invites 13 global artists to consider the domestic and international cultural influences within their surroundings and how this has impacted them. Through their unique international viewpoints, from countries that include Ghana, Spain and Malaysia the exhibition will open conversations about the influences that we share and those that are unique to each other’s environments. Each work will act as a reflective analysis for each artist, to understand how a mix of cultures has shaped their outlook, including objects, communities, personalities or moments that have formed their thought process and had a lasting impact. Ultimately the exhibition will seek to enable artists and the viewers to recognise the influences that they do not acknowledge but live with everyday and hopefully provide an appreciation for the previously unseen. 


Featured Artists:

Aaron Glasson • Alex Chechik • Alya Hatta • Amelia Johnson • Charlie Spot • Daisy Collingridge • Pareid • Koby Martin • Lauryn Levette • Liz Walsh  • Pau Auguiló • Tyler Lurks  • Sean Hamilton 


Opening Saturday, August 5th from 5-8pm at our Los Angeles location. For more information about the exhibition or the artists please email - info@goodmothergallery.com