Paije Fuller - "Dream State": OAKLAND

8 - 29 October 2022

Good Mother Gallery is please to present Dream State, a solo exhibition by Paije Fuller.


Fuller is a self taught visual artist currently based both in Houston, Texas and Oakland, California. Her influences and artistic vision are derrived from her upbringing in San Francisco. Over the past few years Fuller has been an emerging talen in the Bay Area art scene and holds a promising future in the arts.


Dream State is a collection of works inspired by dreams, fantasiss and visually intriguing imagery compiled from the artists personal experiences. In this collection, the artist challenged theirself to master color, composition and convey a dream-like scenery filled with nostalgia.


Opening Saturday, October 8th from 6pm-10pm at our Oakland location. For inquiries or to view a list of available work, please send an email to