Tinted Love - a Monochromatic Group Exhibition: LOS ANGELES

4 - 24 February 2023

Good Mother Gallery Los Angeles is proud to present 'Tinted Love', a monochromatic exhibition featuring artwork from 10 talented artists. On an exquisite exploration of color through art, stunning paintings on canvas in a range of monochromatic styles fill the gallery’s large, beautiful space. Each painting radiates its own unique aura and emotion, creating a powerful atmosphere that resonates with viewers long after they have left the show. 


The artworks featured in this captivating collection are both visually stunning and emotionally stirring. The wide range of hues and textures allows for an intense, captivating visual experience that is both calming and stimulating at the same time. The artworks range from muted, subtle tones to vivid, eye-catching splashes of color, each piece brings something new to the table—whether it be playfulness or intensity, tranquility or passion. The combination of these elements results in an unforgettable survey of works.


Featured Artists:

Mia Weiner • Katie Hector • Neal Vandenbergh • Juan Arango Palacios • Delaney Lee • Carrie Ann Plank • Aisling Hamrogue • Kristen Sanders • Mackenzie Hyde • Elena Redmond


'Tinted Love' will be on view February 4th- 24th with an opening reception on Saturday, February 4th from 5pm-8pm. For more information about the show or to be added to the early catalog preview list, please email - info@goodmothergallery.com