Honeymoon : Kyle Lypka & Tyler Cross: OAKLAND

9 - 30 September 2017
Good Mother Gallery is pleased to present Honey Moons, a collaborative project between Tyler Cross and Kyle Lypka that arose organically as the two spent increasingly more time together in the studio. Ideas were translated between mediums, techniques shown, and material knowledge shared. By working together, decision making became unpredictable, allowing for distinctive possibilities by embracing each other's idiosyncratic practices.

The work initially existed as a sketch by Cross and would then be translated into a 3 dimensional object by Lypka.  Together, they applied their established skills from their own practice to create this singular body of work that melded the two together.

Tyler Cross (b. 1992) and Kyle Lypka (b.1987) are artists living and working in Oakland, CA. They have been together since 2014. Honey Moons opens September  9th at 7pm at Good Mother in Downtown Oakland, CA.