Daniel Antelo - Solo Exhibition: LOS ANGELES

8 - 29 April 2023

Los Angeles, CA – Good Mother Gallery is proud to present "Best of Time" an exhibition of new work by LA based artist Daniel Antelo, running from April 8th to April 29th in Los Angeles. This captivating collection captures the essence of childhood innocence while exploring the complexities of adult life, reminding viewers of their own past and inviting them to rediscover their inner child.


Born in Los Angeles in 1986, Daniel Antelo began painting photorealistic works by working as a sign painter and later as a billboard painter. During his time painting billboards, Antelo honed his skills and developed the techniques that would later bring his canvas paintings to life. By treating each canvas like a mini billboard, he achieves stunning photorealism in his work.


Antelo's latest exhibition showcases portraits of his close friends' children, capturing the raw emotions and unfiltered curiosity of youth. He explains, "They're the new generation of that place in time where you're free and focused on what you're passionate about. Truly living in the moment."

In creating his art, Antelo meticulously scouts locations and directs photo shoots to set the scene for his paintings, treating the process like a movie production. He pays attention to every detail, from the props to the lighting, to ensure the mood and story he envisions are brought to life on canvas.


The artist's friends, who are the parents of the children featured in his paintings, have shared their appreciation and pride for Antelo's work. "My friend George is proud. I'm proud of my friends too. They work hard to be the parents that they are and have all these obstacles. They feel like they're doing something right when their kids are getting painted," Antelo said.


The "Best of Time" exhibition serves as a reminder to support and nurture children's passions and interests. As Antelo puts it, "When you see a kid that is really into something, whether it's drawing on the wall, drawing on their car, playing with their toys or something, you should support that. You should embrace that youthful spark and nurture that passion as a kid."


Antelo's own artistic journey was shaped by his early life experiences, including a mischievous childhood and an unexpected sojourn in Mexico. These experiences not only taught him about responsibility but also fueled his passion for painting and art. For Antelo, painting is a powerful means of communication, allowing him to express what he cannot put into words.


As he looks to the future, Antelo hopes to continue working with close friends, galleries, and fellow artists. His upcoming exhibition at Good Mother Gallery represents his commitment to that goal. "All I know is I'm just gonna keep working harder and putting in the hours because I love this. And I know the work will end up in the right place no matter what," he said.


Don't miss the opportunity to experience "Best of Time" by Daniel Antelo at Good Mother Gallery, running from April 8th to April 29th in Los Angeles. Join us for the opening reception on Saturday, April 8th from 5pm-8pm at 1212 S. Santa Fe Ave. For inquiries about the exhibition or to request a preview catalog of available works, please email info@goodmothergallery.com.